Legend S

High spec, user-friendly features could include:

The Whittaker Legend is the flag ship of our range. 

Its refined qualities as a luxury vehicle coupled with high quality materials, sleek unobtrusive forms and clear lines are characteristic of  its overall stunning appearance and craftsmanship.


Double Gold Dressage Medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and recent recipient of an MBE is now a proud owner of a Whittaker Horsebox.

“Owning a Whittaker Horsebox will make such a difference to my life. The quality of the product is outstanding and they are reliable and innovative. Jayne has worked with me to design the box to suit my every need which will help me go about my every day routine with the confidence I need to perform at the top level of my sport”


Modern horseboxes, whether they are production or individual builds need sophisticated power and monitoring solutions in order to integrate on-board systems in a seamless and intuitive way. Horsebox owners are increasingly looking for stylish, informative, easy to use interfaces that allow them access quickly and easily all the functionality of their box.

E-Plex delivers all of this: connecting on-board power, lighting, entertainment systems, heating/air conditioning, and many other essential systems in a seamless solution that can installed in helm, on a remote panel, or via iPad/iPhone.

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